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I don't really want to get up this morning... - ...and the dragon will be reborn...
June 14th, 2007
06:58 am
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I don't really want to get up this morning...
Last night was weird...I dreamed all kinds of strange things. But I've been on this nightly cough medicine with codeine. The few nights I took it, it did not help me rest at all, couldn't even tell I'd taken anything. But last night's dose hit me kind of hard. At first it knocked me out but then I was awake about halfway through the night and never felt rested again. And I haven't noticed much difference in the coughing at night either. Anyway, my brain would not quit...I should have written down all the plot bunnies that were scampering here and there and combining with the odd half-awake dreams, enough for months of writing, but I didn't and they're fading fast.

Now today I have to get my ass going and try to seem at least halfway intelligent. And I have to get something noterized...wonder how much they charge for that now.

Sacrifice...I haven't returned to yet though I looked longingly at it several times. Just me and the book and the old beat-up recliner would be a perfect scenario today. *Big, pitiful sigh*

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